What is involved in hiring a Jukebox/slushie machine or Effect lights?
  1. The date & time you wish to hire
  2. The delivery address
  3. Contact details. Your name, Phone number, email address
  4. Any possible difficulties with delivery. (Eg, Stairs, Poor access)
What areas do you deliver to?

We deliver to most of Melbourne – please see our delivery map. If you are out of our area we can still deliver but there will be a surcharge.

Do you charge extra for delivery & pick up?

No, most of the Melbourne metropolitan area is free delivery & pick up.  There is a surcharge for night pickups. Please see our delivery map for areas that are out of our delivery zone & have extra charges.

NOTE:  We do charge extra for night time pick ups. For example if the function is in a Hall, Club or venue and the Jukebox/Slushie or any other equipment needs to be picked up between 8pm &  Midnight there is a $60.00 fee to pick up.  All pick ups after Midnight till 1am will incur a $120.00 fee.


How do I pay?

We require credit card details for a 20% deposit at the time of booking.  We accept VISA or Mastercard

The balance can either be:

  • deducted via credit card three days before the event; or
  • cash on delivery of your equipment.
Do you set up & show me how to use the equipment?

Yes we set up all the equipment and then demonstrate how to use all the features. We ensure you are comfortable with using the machine before we leave.

We pack it all up the next day for you too.

How many songs are on your Jukeboxes? What type of music do they have?

All our Jukeboxes have over 5,500 songs with video clips. Our Karaoke Jukeboxes also have over 6000 songs with video clips plus they contain over 3000 karaoke songs with text. All the Jukeboxes contain songs from every genre from the 1950s to today’s latest hits including the Top 40.  Our Jukeboxes are updated monthly with all the latest hits at your disposal.

What’s the difference between a Slushie machine and a Daiquiri machine?

There is no difference between a Slushie ( Slushee or Slushy) machine, Cocktail machine and Daiquiri machine; they are all the same thing, just called different names by different people.

Can I purchase concentrate for our Slushie machine?

Yes of course. We can provide extra concentrate with your order to give you peace of mind. You don’t want to run out half way through your party. These are our Emergency Packs, The cost is $30.00.each. For a twin barrel machine you will need 1 of each flavour.  If you don’t open them and don’t use them you won’t be charged for them. You only pay if it is opened. Once opened consider it sold.

How many drinks does it make?

A twin bowl machine will make approximately 24 litres. Approximately 12 litres in each barrel.

A single bowl machine will make approximately 12 litres, which equates to approximately 60 drinks.

How much alcohol do I need?

You will need approximately 750ml to 1 Litre per flavour. Depends on how strong you like it. Most white spirits are popular. Example Vodka, White Rum.

Do I need a special table or bench to put the Slushie machine on?

Yes. Our Slushie/Cocktail machines weigh approximately 100Kg when full so they need a solid table or bench to sit the unit on. NO glass top tables or card tables. Also please plug the machine directly into the power point. NO power boards.

If the concentrate runs out during the night, can we add our own cordial?

NO definitely NOT. Don’t add your own mix to the Slushie machine as all our pre mixes require a specially formulated mix so that it freezes at the right consistenecy. If you add your own mix it won’t freeze at all and will damage the machine.

Does someone need to be there when the equipment is delivered?

Yes, someone does need to be at the delivery address when your order is delivered. All deliveries are normally made between 10am – 3pm on the day of your event. You also need to advise where to set the equipment up. Once it is set up it is not to be moved. Also the equipment needs to be kept out of the weather and under cover at all times. All cash deliveries need to be paid to the driver before set up.

Are there any extra charges for Public Holidays or Public Holiday Eve?

Yes, prices are subject to loading.

How big is the Jukebox?

All of our Jukeboxes are free standing and fit through a standard doorway.

Do I need to provide anything?

Yes, you will need to provide a weather proof area. All of our equipment must be kept out of the sun and rain. A normal power point is also required (No Power Boards for the Slushie Machine or Jukebox).